Monday, November 27

Special Presentation

{ This is my last presentation in my Speech class, it is supposed to be 60 - 90 seconds long and can be a toast, eulogy, introduction ... etc. One of those special speeches. It went well! }

Friends and Family we are gathered here today to remember out dear friend Mario Mario, who lost his life in a goomba attack while trying to save his long time girlfriend Princess Peach. Mario was driven by his sense of justice and was always ready to defend his homeland, The Mushroom Kingdom. Mario was outlived by his brother Luigi, his dear friend Toad and his beloved pet Yoshi.

In his short but meaningful life Mario completed many goals. While he loved his full time job as a plumber, he had many other interest including Go-Kart Driver, Part-time Doctor, and Fungus Expert. Mario was an avid sport enthusiast and enjoyed playing just for the fun of it, whether it was basketball, baseball, soccer, tennis or golf, he was ready to play. He was a master of many skills including throwing fire, defying gravity by jumping, and even flying. And with his star power he seemed invincible.

Your previous save point was lost, You are gone but not forgotten. Mario, We know you are climbing that beanstalk to the sky. GAME OVER

Sunday, November 26


Big Big Thank you to everyone who helped us move!

The move went extreamly well and we couldn't have asked for better weather. Lots of people to help too! We had a LOT of stuff... A LOT. actually took 2 trips in the UHaul truck. I was surprised we had that much in the little apartment. But its here and I actually really love my new room. I've got it set up really well and all my pictures are on the walls. I bought a new bookshelf that is already full. Both my computers are functional and I've actually got room to walk around.

The Sheikah is pretty scared... she has just started wandering around the house now... but shes still very upset.

But we got in and got our first coffees and everything is going well. Now I just have to get back to school work and into the finals. I can't wait for the Christmas break.

Tuesday, November 21


MISSING: One black USB to Digital Camera cord. Reward if found. Sentimental value.

Saturday, November 18

MIA Explaination

So where have I been and what am I procrastinating now?

Since our last episode I've been very busy. On Tuesday, I wrote my last Midterm, only one quiz left, and many assignment. Tuesday was also World Usability day... I didn't really make anything more usable but I celebrated somewhat. Wednesday was GPizza it went really well. I ended up with only two pops and less than one pizza left over. AND I got an amazing deal on the pizza! I have enough to do it all over again in a few weeks.

Friday was my big Usability talk. It went really well, I was actually really happy with the turn out and that I didn't make a fool of myself. I had one "heckler" that wanted to get some GBashing in ... he just seemed very out of place in the room... I shouldn't have let him take a free t shirt anyway.

The rest of this weekend my goals revolve around assignments, the Wii and packing a little. Today so far not much has been accomplished.... damn tv distraction

Sunday, November 12

The sky is falling...

oh wait thats just the world closing in on me.

2 midterms and at least 3 projects left to do... oh yeah and I have to move, and give a presentation on Friday, and throw a pizza party on Wednesday. Also at work there is probably two more usability studies this semester. I can't wait for Christmas break. I've been working on my report for networking class and unfortunately it took about a day longer than I expected and now I am a day behind on studying for operating systems midterm, and very far behind on my languages assignment that Matt keeps bugging me about. ... and yes I'm procrastinating by blogging but I haven't written in my blog in almost a week.

It's going to be a very busy week.

Monday, November 6

Mondays are Painful

Currently sitting in class... I know, I should be paying attention, but I'm not. My first three years of University I couldn't do something like this. I just didn't have the resources, where I would be in class and typing away with all my daily distractions right in front to me. Including hours of fun... MSN (and other IMs). You could say that I could leave my Lappy at home and pay attention... but then Lappy isn't living up to its full potential. It would just get used to sucking power from the wall and might as well be a desktop. I love my desktop I really do, it forces me to get away from it, and it forces me to give my eyes a break when my back can't take sitting in the chair anymore. [I have noticed a sever increase in headaches recently] But there's added convenience's with the Lappy... like being able to check email in some classes. But more importantly with Lappy I get to spend more time with Michelle and Tyler in the living room. Cause I can do work or pretend to do work there, however allows me to become addicted to more tv shows and procrastinate more. I'll still be keeping my desktop and just expanding the addiction to the lappy. Yay.

30 minutes of this class left.

This past weekend... There were some incredibly geeky happenings going on. Friday evening... there was a Ruby presentation going on 6 - 7:30. It was good, gave a good overview. Then a group of us headed over to Nathans... I didn't play but everyone else sat down for a "friendly" game of Risk. 5 hours later they quit and we get to go home. Saturday was met with a lot of errands. And then people started showing up at about 6, mostly for hockey and beer. But a good time was had by me and the 4 guys, got into one of those deep theological conversations at the end of the night. I missed Michelle, but she had family things to do.

Friday, November 3

Wednesday, November 1


19 days and counting.

The Wii is almost here and I'm not even buying one personally. But thanks to Tyler and Michelle, I'll still get to play! Its very exciting.

(I need blog content ideas)