Tuesday, January 2

Happy 2007

{Blog post from Dec 31 finally being posted}

This is not a good way to start 2007.

I’m currently spending the night in Chicago… I don’t even have my AC for my laptop since it was in my checked luggage. So I’ll do this for a while, then I guess I’ll listen to music for the rest of the night. I’ve finally stopped crying tho, so maybe things are looking up? How do I begin? It was just like any other time I’ve traveled. I crossed the border no problem, left in plenty of time, check in and security was a piece of cake. I even waited at my gate peacefully while the flight was delayed…. 10 minutes… 20 minutes…. 30 minutes past the scheduled departure time. Finally we are told that the plane is having technical difficulties and we will have to go to a new gate to board a new plane. Fine… I’m calm. FINALLY we get in the air. It’s a short trip, only going from Detroit to Chicago after all. The rain slowed us down and the turbulence was rough but I’m still calm. We arrive about 30 minutes later than we were supposed to, the same time I’m supposed to be checking in in Chicago. … shit … So I boot it to my next gate and come to find that I’ll be second on the list for stand by. Fighting the tears…. I wait for that flight to load; it was about an hour late from when it was supposed to take off. So I guess I could have celebrated new years in a plane alone if I had actually got on the flight. Yeah this is pretty bad… So I wait in the customer service line… they can put me on stand by in the morning to San Jose or I can fly at 9 am to San Francisco. Screw this stand by stuff… So I’ll be arriving in SF about 12 hours after I was originally planning on arriving in SJ. … But the kicker is that my bags will still (hopefully) arrive in San Jose tonight.

It’s almost midnight in Windsor, there is a happening party going on at my house now. It’s almost midnight in Grand Bend where my sister is having a small gathering. It’s almost 9 in San Jose where my boyfriend is and where I’m supposed to be arriving. Its almost 11 here in Chicago… same as in Minneapolis… Where I’ve spent my past two new years. Maybe that’s the kicker… I have to celebrate new years in a central time zone now.

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Vince said...

Hey, nothing wrong with spending New Year's in CST ;)

Flying is the worst way to travel, the problem is that there is no good alternative.